What is the dashboard and what should I expect to see?

The selling center dashboard is your start point when it comes to running and managing your online business on Souq.com, we revamped the way it looks so it now shows the most important actions and figures you need to know more frequently.

Here are the components that you’re supposed to see when you visit your dashboard:

  • Are you a new seller ? You’re most welcome to your new home.

You have to start as a new seller at some point, and to make things simple for all new sellers, we only show them the most important action they need to use when they start, which is the listing of products on the website.


  • Inventory

When you list any of your products on the website, a new widget appears on your dashboard to keep you aware of their statuses. You need to regularly check them to make sure all customers can see and buy them.


  • Order and Complains

This widget will appear when you receive an order, it helps you to stay on top of your orders and to follow up on them immediately. Your goal is to clear all the numbers in this widget and to serve all your customers.


  • Sales and Financials

This widget also appears upon receiving orders, and will help you to track your weekly / monthly sales, along with a summary of your financials.


  • Performance

Appears when you complete your first three months of selling, and helps you know how satisfied your customers were. It gets updated on a monthly basis so you need to monitor it closely.

We will keep adding multiple useful widgets regularly, so if you have anything in mind please share it with us and we’ll be glad to help.


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