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You can upload your inventory changes sheet from this button. You download your inventory from the tabs you want, you do the proper changes that reflect your actual stock and push your inventory back to the site. The effect of uploading your documents will take time depending on the number of rows you have in your sheet, it take a few seconds and up to several minutes. This tool only accepts xls and xlsx file formats (Microsoft Excel).

Note: Make sure you always include your Offer ID for each row (Such information is provided when you download your inventory) as this is the unique identifier for each unit in your inventory

How to upload inventory changes in bulk?

  1. Go to “Inventory Management” section
  2. Click the “Import Bulk Changes” button
  3. Choose the excel file you want to upload
  4. Hit the upload button

I downloaded my inventory, but I am seeing a column that reads Offer ID, what does that mean?

Offer ID is a unique value that generates for each offer, this is necessary when you are uploading an excel sheet to edit current offers you have, as the Offer ID is your unique identifier to the location of the offer in our system

After uploading my inventory changes sheet, some products are no longer under the Live tab, where can I find them?

Sometimes mistakes happen and seller end up dramatically changing their prices by mistake, so whenever our system suspects some unusual, it goes through a provisioning step by the Global Content Support team so you will find these products under the Pending tab. Once approved, it will be live automatically, but should the change be suspicious, we will inform you to take an extended look at it.


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