Introduction to Sponsored Products

Souq Sponsored Products is an easy way for you to advertise your listing on website, mobile apps and Google Search. Ads appear where customers will see them, such as the first page of search results or category and products pages, or on Google Search, when your ad matches relevant keywords. These targeted ads can bring your products to new audience and help you maximize your sales.


The benefits you get: 

  • Show customers what they are actually looking for

  • Get your products discovered on Souq and Google

  • Maximize your sales by reaching buyers, not viewers

  • Measure success by accessing automated reports

  • Leverage cutting edge technology to get your ads delivered

  • Impressions are free, only clicks are charged


Key Features:

  • The sellers now have ability to run ads on Google Adwords at a click of a button

  • The platform charges only for Clicks and not for Impressions

  • The sellers can select from predefined packages (and a free trial) depending on their business needs

  • The sellers will have the ability to select specific categories for promotion

  • Great reporting and dashboarding capabilities

UAE Fee Structure: 

KSA Fee Structure: 


Getting Started with Sponsored Products:

To get started on Sponsored Products, please follow these simple steps:


  • Select the required package and submit the request. You can try the ‘Basic’ plan worth 250 AED/SAR for free for the first time to get accustomed to the platform.

Available Packages in UAE: