Seller Performance Best Practices: Negative Feedback Rate expects that sellers behave like professional businesses. To lower your Negative Feedback Rate, there are golden rules that you need to keep in mind.

People want to know they matter. It’s no different from an offline buying experience. We might even argue it’s even more important since you don’t have the customer physically in front of you when making their purchase.

Customers most often review feedback ratings when determining whether to make a purchase from a seller.

Don’t get frustrated just keep selling, feedbacks will come slowly but surely.

To see your Negative Feedback Rate go down and have your Rating reach as high as Premium in your Seller Performance, consider this:

The idea is to fish for those positive feedbacks that will boost your trustworthiness amongst sellers and which will balance out your Negative Feedback Rate in case you receive any unsatisfied customers. Having no feedbacks is better than having negative feedbacks!

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. If you receive what you initially ordered, in the stated condition, well wrapped for shipping, and following the expected delivery timeline, why wouldn’t you take time to provide feedback? Start there.

Describe correctly, ship securely, and say “Thanks”, is a great start to help attract positive feedback!

Allow customers to provide feedback and LEARN from your negative ones to improve your service and products.

Good Customer Service, by engaging in shipment follow-up and return flexibility.

Adding the “Fragile” sign to easily breakable items while shipping does make a difference amongst customers upon receiving their order and makes them feel that their order is being looked after.

Use Security Stickers when sealing your order, that way customers know their order have not been opened during delivery.

Customers who take time to provide feedback have either received special servicing from you, their order arrived quicker than they expected, or the item purchased exceeded their expectations. That’s where the trick is!

Customers usually recognize when a seller is extra thoughtful about the order they’re fulfilling and when they have tried to please a customer. It really boils down to the old golden rule, “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

Do what you can to ensure the customer is IMPRESSED when they receive their package. The kind of feedback depends on whether that first impression is positive or negative.

Whether positive or negative, thank the buyer for their purchase and deal with feedback in a poised and professional manner. You’ll find that most customers appreciate the responsiveness, and may be more inclined to change the negative feedback they initially left.

Often, just knowing a seller is listening and is willing to help can turn a potential complaint into a positive review. It’s up to you to go the extra mile to turn negative Feedback into positive.



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