Operational & Safety Guidelines at Souq Fulfillment Centers

 What you need to know before visiting  Souq Fulfillment Center to drop off your items 

An essential part of Souq.com vision is to innovate and offer the best service in the region for our customers and our Selling Partners. We care about providing our Selling Partners with the right tools and services they need to facilitate their selling journey, from listing the products on Souq.com until delivery. We put the safety and health of our Selling Partners at the forefront of our priorities, and work intensively to ensure providing a smooth process when dropping off their items at our Fulfillment Centers, including items enrolled in the “Fulfilled by Souq”  service.

We highly recommend watching the below video  to ensure your delivery journey is easy and smooth !

Operational Guidelines – What you need to know from delivery to drop-off 

In this short video, we take you through the recommended Guidelines and best practices you need to know when preparing your items for delivery and drop-off at any of our Souq Fulfillment Centers


Health and Safety instructions – What you need to know before visiting Souq Fulfillment Centers 

Watch this short video for a quick look at the safety and health guidelines we recommend you follow before visiting any of our Fulfillment centers to ensure a smooth drop-off.


“Fulfilled by Souq” service  saves you the time and money required to store, pick, pack, ship, and provides sellers with customer service support for the products they sell online. The cost-effective and simple process features the selected products with a distinct badge on the App and a special filter in search to differentiate products on offer and ensure a higher level of visibility and sales.

A systematic and rigorous quality control process from pick-up to shipment ensures that 100% genuine and high quality products from trusted sellers are packed with secure packaging. Additionally, customers can benefit from faster pick-up on returns and enjoy excellent customer service for the orders.

Join today and let our team do the heavy lifting for you.

With Fulfilled by Souq, sellers listwe fulfill!

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