Order Management

This video takes you through inventory management functionalities, statuses, and updates to help you manage and keep track of your inventory daily.


Opening the Order Management section:


To access the Order Management section of your Seller Account, you may click on the Awaiting Action Widget on the Dashboard or on the Selling Center side menu, click on Orders and then Order Management, you will be able to see all possible statuses that your orders may have: “Awaiting Action”, “Confirmed”, “Shipped”, and “Delivered”. Each tab will have a 20 order/per page view, then you can turn pages by clicking “Next” at the bottom of the page.



Order Management


Awaiting Action:


After receiving a customer order via Selling Center and email notification, you should Confirm, Pack and Ship your order within the specified 1, 2 or 3-day Handling Time. You may confirm your orders in the “Awaiting Action” tab as soon as possible to allow the Logistics Team to initiate the call to schedule order pick-up.


You will be able to view the Order ID, Items Info, Order Date, Order Age and Net Total Amount to be released to your Souq.com Payments Account.



Awaiting Action


In the “Awaiting Action” tab, you can confirm orders by selecting one or multiple orders and clicking on “Confirm Order”. You can also click the Order ID to open up the Order Detail Page containing: Items, Shipments and Payments Details.


You can select a particular order and click “Confirm” order or select multiple orders on the page and click “Confirm” for bulk confirmation. Orders can also be confirmed individually from within the order detail page by clicking the Green Confirm Order” button.



Order Details Page


Once the order is confirmed, it automatically moves to the “Confirmed” tab of your Order Management Section.




In the “Confirmed” tab, you can view all confirmed orders being packed and prepared for courier pick-up. After securely and tidily packing the order in the shipping material, you must print the shipping Label known as AWB (Air Way Bill) by selecting the order and clicking the blue “Print Label” button.





Shipping material can usually be ordered by you from Seller Support after your 3rd or 4th sale.You are provided the needed Shipping material to cover a given period of time including: Souq.com labeled Plastic bags, cartons, bubble wrap, safety stickers, fragile signs etc… You should bear in mind that once the shipping material is ordered from Seller Support, it takes 48h to have it delivered at the pick-up location specified on the Selling Center.


The Shipping Label or AWB serves as proof that the order has been shipped from the pick-up location and contains auto-generated customer delivery information as well as order details. Once you print an order Label, the Label Printed check switches to Green to allow you to set apart orders for which they have printed the AWB from the ones for which they have not yet taken this action.



Printed Label Check


The AWB is split into two parts: 1 side which you carefully place in the Outer Shipping Notice of the shipping material and one that you keep and has the courier scan and stamp and/or sign as proof that the order has been picked-up.