Order Management Overview

Order management section is where you would find all new orders and be able to process,effectively fulfill these orders within the handling time you have chosen when you’ve listed your items.

Order Management has different order statuses: (All Orders, New Orders, Confirmed Orders, Shipped Orders, Delivered Orders)

Each status will show different list of orders basis the actual physical location and status on the ground, and they are listed as below:

  • Awaiting Action Orders: Orders were placed by buyers, and been accepted by Souq.com to be released to your account. At this stage, you can take two actions on new orders, its either you confirm which means you have the items requested in your offline inventory and you can ship them, or cancel which means you don’t have the items requested in your offline inventory and your Souq.com inventory is out of sync. for more information, read Awaiting Action Orders.
  • Confirmed Orders: Orders you confirmed you have in your offline inventory and you can ship them to buyers. Once you confirm an order, Souq.com will assign a shipping courier company to pick up the item from your location and will generate an Air Waybill (AWB). Which you have to print out, then Pack your shipment, and attach the AWB to the shipping pouch provided earlier.
If you felt that the shipping courier might be late to pick up the item, you may have to drop off the item at the courier hub yourself.
  • Shipped Orders:  Orders were either picked up by shipping courier from your location or orders you have dropped off at the shipping courier hub. Orders in this stage move automatically when the shipping courier scans the AWB you have printed at the confirmed orders stage and attached to the shipping pouch.
  • Delivered Orders: Orders that have been successfully shipped and were delivered to buyers.
  • All Orders: All orders contains all statuses of orders, including Returned Orders and Canceled Orders.


Orders Lists

Each status is displayed in a dedicated tab to help you differentiated between orders and sort them in a logical structure where you can follow up on orders basis the stage of the order.

Screen Shot Comes Here for the list view (All Orders)

Order Details Page

Clicking on any order from the list will open up the order details page, this page contains all the information needed about your order. The page is structured into different section, each section appears if there are available information that you should be aware of. the sections are:

  • Items Details: Shows all requested items that you should ship to the buyer in a specific order.
  • Shipment Details: Shows all details related to the shipment, the data is generated from the shipping courier side.
  • Payment Details: Shows if the generated revenue is pending or released to your account per item.
  • Complaints Details: Shows if there are any complaints opened on any item.
  • Feedback Details: Shows if there are any feedback left by buyers on your item.


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