Listing Opportunities

The 'Listing Opportunities' feature helps you benefit from our recommendations regarding unique listing opportunities at Souq. Listing the recommended products improves your chances of getting noticed sooner and selling more with us.


One of these opportunities has always been items that are Trending Now. This listing opportunity consists in listing items that customers are viewing frequently, but have few offers on their detail pages. Therefore, adding offers to such items gives you the opportunity of getting noticed sooner and securing more sales.

Listing Categories


Adding an offer to a Trending Item using Single Mode (One by One):

To start listing, click on the category and scroll through a list of suggested items. Once you have made sure that you have the exact item in your inventory click on “Sell this Product” to add an offer to the item.

Sell this Product


You will be directed to the “Add Offer Details” page where you fill in your offer details.


Offer details contain 7 information:

  • Your Quantity is the number of units available in stock for this product.

  • Your Price is the item selling price in addition to the commission and the processing fee.

  • Your SKU number is the Stock Keeping Unit generally known as the seller’s code, reference, or identifier specific to every item the seller has in their inventory. Note that if your items are subject to variations such as sizes and colors, each size and color is identified by a unique SKU.

  • Your Offer Note: If this applies, this is where you can announce any extras that come along with the main product: These could be warranties for electronic or kitchenware devices, Free covers that come with a mobile or simply a pencil that comes with a notebook. Please be careful not to include any contact information in this field for your product will be rejected.

  • Your Handling Time is the time you need to Confirm, Pack and have your product available for courier pick-up. We advise our sellers to make use of the 3-day Handling Time at first for them to have enough window time for courier pick-up, then possibly updating it to 2 or 1-day Handling Time.

  • Your Location will be synced by default with the already mentioned location in your Account settings.

  • Free Shipping: If selected, the seller will be charged the associated shipping fees for this item once sold on the website. This option show the Free Shipping Label under your product offer on the product detail page.

Offer Details


Once you are done filling in your offer details, click “Next” to review your listing information including product as well as offer details and then click “Submit My Listing” for Quality Review.


Adding offers to Trending Items using Bulk Mode: (Multiple Listing)

To add your offers to a numerous amount of items trending on the website, click on the category and scroll through a list of suggested items and click on the Green Excel button to download the item list.


Make sure to fill the mandatory attributes highlighted in Red such as the columns: Active, Listing Price, Stock Quantity, and pick your Handling Time. You can also add your Stock Keeping Unit reference under the column “SKU” and fill the Offer note with Free Text should the item be subject to warranties or any extras that come with your item under the column “Offer Note”. You may also set the “Free Shipping” option to “YES” if you would like to offer Free Shipping for a particular item.

Offer Details


Upload the Spreadsheet by clicking on “Upload Inventory Template” of the Item Listing section in your Selling Center.

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