Inventory Search

This is your inventory search tool, inside the search box on the left, you will find a label, which states the status of the products you will be searching for (When the label reads “Live”, your search will only be covering the Live listings).

Search box takes your product’s title, and also takes more details info like the product’s EAN or Offer ID

It looks up all your inventory on, you can give it your product’s EAN, Offer ID or product title. The status of the inventory the search will find matches the status in the label on the left of the search field, so if the label reads Paused, the search will take your query and look it up under the paused products. Hitting the search button will display the results under the tab you are looking up products under (Searching expired products will show the results under the Expired tab)

What is the sticky label on the left of the search box?

This reflects the inventory tab below that you are searching within, for example, if you are on the Live tab, the label will read Live. Clicking the ‘x’ will remove the label and will search within all your inventory, under all the statuses.

I did a search, but one of the tabs got its name changed to something else, why is that and how can I change it back?

When you do a search under a specific listing status, the results are shown under the designated tab, but the name of the tab is changed to reflect that it is showing the results of a search inquiry.

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