Inventory Management

Watch the video tutorial that takes you through inventory management functionalities, statuses, and updates to help you manage and keep track of your inventory daily.


Opening the Inventory Management section:

On the Selling Center side menu, click on Inventory and then Inventory Management, you will be able to see all possible statuses that your inventory may have: “Live on Site”, “Pending Review”, “Rejected”, “Expired”, “Sold Out”, and “Paused”. Each tab will have a 20 item/per page view, then you can turn pages by clicking “Next” at the bottom of the page.

Inventory Management


Live on Site:


Under “Live on site”, you can view the item image Thumbnail, the Title, the Price, the Quantity, the Last updated Date and the Offer Expiry Date. you will be able to manage your items either individually or in Bulk.

Live On Site


You may also access a specific item detail page simply by clicking on the item title. The Item Detail page contains both Item information which are the product related information and Offer details which are the information related to you.


Item Details


Whether you select live on site or a specific item to view, you can engage in managing your inventory on a daily basis by making price and quantity updates or by changing item statuses according to your availability in stock.


Individual & Bulk Inventory Update:

To update items one by one, you may simply click on the price or the quantity from “Live on Site”, change it and click the Check button.


You also may choose to pause an offer temporarily such as seasonal product offers or to delete an item from your inventory if you choose to no longer sell this product.


You have more update options in the item detail page where you may either pause an item, delete it, or update all offer details including: Quantity, Price, SKU, Offer Note and Handling Time. After you are  done changing the offer details, click on Update to confirm the Inventory updates.


Price & Quantity Update (Single Mode)


To update Inventory in Bulk, download your inventory reports by selecting the first “Live on Site” page and clicking Select All Products in all pages”. Then, click the Excel Button to receive the Inventory report on the Registered E-mail associated with their your Account.

Download Excel Sheet

The Excel Inventory Report contains multiple columns which the seller can update automatically onto and a Header that must not be edited in any way. You are able to filter according to item types on the title column and update their SKUs, Prices and Quantities. They can also add any Offer Notes and adjust their Handling Time accordingly by selecting a (1 day), b (2 days) or c (3 days) Business Days.


You can also update the statuses by moving several items to either “Paused” or “Sold Out”. To “Pause” items in bulk on the Inventory Report, sellers need to fill ‘NO’ under column F entitled “Active”, leave the actual Quantity intact and switch the “Pricing Status” on column M to ‘On Hold’. To set bulk items to the “Sold Out” status, sellers need to fill ‘YES’ under column F entitled “Active”, set the item Quantity to ‘0’ and switch the “Pricing Status” on column M to ‘sold_out’.

Bulk Inventory Update Excel Sheet


Once you are done with their Inventory Report updates, you can save the file under any given name and return to their Selling Center to import it by clicking on the blue “Import Bulk Changes” button at the top of the Inventory Management section.

Import Bulk Changes


To view the results of the system import, sellers may click on the Battery sign check that all items have been updated successfully or to correct any system generated errors by downloading the Error Processing Report.

Sheets Tracker

Pending Review:

Items found under the Pending Review tab are items which are still pending approval by the Global Content Support Team. Whether created by the Content Team or by the sellers themselves, products will remain under this tab for quality check purposes within 48h. Once the item information get approved, sellers will be able to view their products either on “Live on Site” tab or on the “Rejected” tab if item information are wrongful. Sellers get notified by mail for any New Offers or Rejected Offers when they occur.



If items are rejected by the Global Content Support Team for any which reason, these items will then show up on the “Rejected” tab. Sellers will need to click on the item title to open up the item details page, sellers should be able to view the Rejection Reason and make the necessary corrections on the same page accordingly and finally click on “Update” at the top of the page.

Error Correction



Under the “Expired” tab, sellers will view items which the system has taken off of the website after 90 days should these items not have been neither seen or purchased nor updated by the seller. The expiry period automatically resets and makes or keeps the item Live on the website every time an item is seen, purchased on the website or updated by the seller.


Sold Out:

Under the “Sold Out” tab of the Inventory Management Section, you will find all items for which no available inventory exists from the seller’s end. Items may go to “Sold Out” automatically if the last item has been purchased or if the seller has set the item quantity to “0”. In the “Sold Out” tab, Sellers may be able to change quantities individually if they hold any positive quantity of the items in stock or download the “Sold Out” Inventory Report and update their quantities in Bulk.