Inventory Management Tabs Definitions

To make matter easier for you as a seller, we divided all your inventory into sections with the below structure:

Live: These are the listings that the buyers on can actually see and buy, these products that you declared your commitment to sell and ship to your perspective buyers.

Pending: For every new listing you do, before it goes live, it goes to our Global Content Support team, where they do the necessary checkups, to make sure all information is displayed in the best format for the buyers. These listings are still not live for the sellers to buy. Once our Global Content Support agents approve a listing, it automatically goes live for our sellers. If a listing did not meet the catalogue standards, it gets sent back to the seller with the necessary notes to rectify it and re-submit it for approval.

Rejected: In the cases of listings not meeting the catalogue standards, they get sent back to the seller with notes so the seller gets to rectify whatever problem it is pointed at by the Global Content Support agents and re-submit their listing for approval.

Expired: When you do a listing on, we keep an eye on how active it is, if we notice a specific period of time has gone and no changes have been made on it, like change in price, quantity etc, it gets expired and is not live in front of the buyers to come (Buyers buying a product is considered a change on the product since the quantity gets decremented, so products that are being sold don’t face expiry). This comes in handy for you as a seller because sometimes sellers forget old listings they offer on and no longer have in their warehouses. Under the Expired tab, you will find all your listings that are no longer live, you can review them and decide if you want to make them live again (Reactivate listings).

Sold Out: To make it easier for you as a seller to find your listings that have been sold out (Zero quantity), we put them all under a single tab named Sold Out. These listings are not visible for the buyers. You can pick any of these listings, add the quantity that reflects your physical stock and have it taken live again.

Paused: Under this tab are the listings that are paused from being visible to the buyers. As a seller, you have the option to pause specific products (Or all your products for that matter) and unpause them again (Reactivate listings). Sometimes, products are paused for other reasons like phone number for their pickup location isn’t verified. In the cases of products being paused by the system, the reason of this gets displayed next to the product, once the reasons are resolved and steps are taken, you can reactivate these products.

+ New Filter: We know that we can’t cater all your requests, so you have the ability to create tabs of your liking, you can apply your own rules to these tabs, like a specific product type, quantity, price range, etc. You can add various tabs and you can manage them and change their rules or even delete them.

All: This tab speaks for itself as all your inventory on with all of their statuses, whether they are live, paused, rejected, expired or sold out.

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