Inventory Advanced Search

When you hit the small arrow on the right of the search box, this view gives you a more detailed set of options to search your inventory, say you don’t just want to search live products, you want to search live and sold out, with specific quantity and other specifics you are looking for, this is the location you want to do this in. Hitting the search button will display the results of the search.

When you use the Advanced Search menu, results are projected in the tab you are already viewing. “Save as Custom Filter” will dump the data in a new tab which will stick around for further uses. Of course you have the option to delete this tab.


Inventory Custom Filters (Custom Tabs):

These are custom filters you either chose by hitting the “+ New Filter” or by checking the “Save as Custom Filter” under the Advanced Search menu

Once you visit the tab in question, a downward button appears to its right, hitting this button will expand a menu that reflects all the options you chose, you can change these options as you see fit. And you can even change the filter name.

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