How to Register as a Seller on

Get yourself started by creating your Seller Account on and reach millions of potential customers in a few clicks.


Start by accessing the website and click the Sell with Us link at the top of the page

Click on “Sell Your Items Now!” to start creating your Selling Account.

Sell Your Items Now


Step 1: Enter your Personal and/or Business related Contact Information and click “Save and continue “on the Bottom Right corner every step of the way.

Contact Information


Step 2: Enter your identification credentials. We hold on to your personal information in our safe and secure server.

Account Verification


Step 3: Enter your order pick up location. This is the address where the courier will come to collect the items sold. So, fill-in the detailed address of the warehouse, store, or venue where your inventory is stored for the courier to pick your orders.

Order Pickup Location Details

Step 4: Now comes the fun part where you get to choose your store name on Choose a store name that is creative and relevant to the products you’re selling. It's recommended that you choose a name that directly relates to the products you’re selling and that it’d be easy and fun for your customers to recognize. The store can only be generated ONCE, so choose carefully!

Store Name


Continue on to Registration Overview to check all of your data and click on “My Account” this will revert you to your newly created selling center.

Registration Overview

Step 5: Confirm your registration by clicking on the verification link sent to your associated email address.

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