How to get paid

The payment process is easy and straightforward, and includes the following steps:

  1. Add your bank information: That’s what we need to know in order to transfer your money, you can add the bank information details from Settings –> Bank Information, which should include the following details:
    • Account Holder Name
    • Bank Name
    • Branch Name
    • Account Number
    • IBAN
    • Nationality (for UAE sellers only)
  2. Get orders: simple, get the customers to buy your products listed live on, getting new orders will start adding money to your account
  3. Wait until the money are available: Whenever you get a new order, you won’t be able to withdraw its amount immediately, as we keep this amount pending for 3 days to make sure that the customer want the product and doesn’t want to return it. After 3 days of receiving the order, its amount will appear in your “Available” section in the financials which means that you can withdraw it.
  4. Request Withdrawal: That’s the last step, you need to go to “Financials –> Request Withdrawal”, where you can specify the amount that you want to be transferred to your bank account. We will process your request and will have the amount deposited within 7 working days.

Please check this article for general notes about the withdrawal process

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