Download and Import Inventory Reports

Download Inventory Reports 

You can To download your inventory reports by Selecting the tab you want to download and clicking Select All Products in all pages”. Then, click the Excel Button to receive the Inventory report on the Registered E-mail associated with their your Account.

Download Excel Sheet

The Excel Inventory Report contains multiple columns which the seller can update automatically onto and a Header that must not be edited in any way. You are able to filter according to item types on the title column and update their SKUsPrices and Quantities. They can also add any Offer Notes and adjust their Handling Time accordingly by selecting a (1 day), b (2 days) or c (3 days) Business Days.

Download Excel Sheet



Upload Inventory Reports 

You can import Inventory Reports  by clicking on the blue “Import Bulk Changes” button at the top of the Inventory Management section.

Import Inventory Reports 

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