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I. Login:

To login to your Seller Account from your Mobile Sellers App, please follow the below steps:

  1. Start by entering your Seller Account credentials:
    • Email address: Your Seller Account Registered Email Address
    • Username: Your Seller Username

    2. Your Selling Center Password

    3. Click on Login

II. Navigation Menu:

Navigate your way through the application using the side menu to access your Dashboard, Inventory ManagementOrders Management, Fulfilled by Inventory (Available only for FBS sellers) and Settings.

Navigation menu

III. Dashboard:

Your dashboard is designed to serve as an overview for all real time order and inventory related statuses. Please click on the statuses to consult items you hold in your inventory, as well as incoming returns and ready-to-ship orders.


IV. Inventory Management:

Use the Inventory Management section to help you edit and update your inventory related information:

  • Edit/Pause/Delete/Reactivate offers
  • Consult Pending quality-check items
  • Deal with Rejections
  • Manage Sold-Out items
  • View cheapest prices and adjust your pricing accordingly

To be able to make Inventory Updates on  your offers, please follow the below steps:

  1. Access your Inventory Management section
  2. Click on the Item Offer you would like to edit
  3. Update Offer Details: Quantity, Price, SKU, Offer Note, Handling Time and Free Shipping
  4. Click on “Save” to submit your offer update.

Editing Offers

You can Pause or Delete live offers by clicking and holding onto the offer and clicking on “Pause” or “Delete“.

Pause/Delete Offer

You can Reactivate or Delete Paused Offers by clicking and holding onto the offer and clicking on ” Reactivate” or “Delete

A yellow Warning sign appears next to offers that DO NOT match the current lowest price on souq. This will help you compare your offer prices with other existing seller offers for the same item on

Cheapest Price Indicator

To align your Product Offer with the Lowest Price Offer, please follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the yellow Warning sign
  2. Click on “Edit Price” to access the “ Edit Offer Page”.

Cheapest Price Dialog

V. Creating Single Offers for Existing Items:

To be able to add offers to Existing Items in your inventory, please follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the Plus sign at the bottom of the Dashboard or Inventory Management pages.
  2. Search for the product you would like to add an offer to by taking one of the following actions:
  • Enter a keyword describing the product you are looking for
  • Enter the the product Item Type
  • Enter the Product Name
  • Click on the Barcode Sign to scan the Product Barcode

Item Search

3. Filter the right Category/Brand to add your offer. This will make it easier on buyers to discover your products amongst the offer listings on the website.

Note: You can click ‘Reset all filters’ to remove all previously applied filters.

Filtering Results

4. Sort Results to match exactly the product you hold in stock by selecting one of the matching options available:

  • Best match
  • Price: Low to High
  • Price: High to Low
  • Popularity
  • Top Rated Products

Sorting Results

5. Scroll down the list of results, and click on the product you would like to add an offer to.

6. Fill in your offer information: Quantity,Price, SKU, Offer Note, Handling Time and Free shipping option, and then click “Next”.

7. Review your listing information including product as well as offer details, and then click on “Confirm Listing” to submit it for Quality Review.

Item Listing Confirmation

VI. Order Management:

Use the Order Management section to Confirm/Cancel Orders and view details of Confirmed, Shipped, and/or Delivered orders.

Order Confirmation/Cancellation:

  • Access the Awaiting Action tab in your Order Management section
  • Click on Confirm Order or Cancel Order below the Order ID

Note: Always remember that you should avoid cancelling orders as it impacts the Cancellation Rate and Seller Performance negatively.

Order Confirmation/Cancellation

Note: Click on Confirm Order in the confirmation dialog.To stop receiving this message on every order confirmation, check “ Don’t show the message again”. This will disable confirmation messages for Order Confirmation/Cancellation. You can reactivate confirmation messages by visiting “Confirmation messages” in your Settings.

Confirmation Dialog

VII. Return Management:

To view your Returned Items, scroll through the list of the Returns List, which can be filtered by Receiving Statuses. You can view the details of each Returned Order by clicking on it. Remember to log in to Your Selling Center from a desktop (Computer) to Accept Returns within 48 hours of receiving the Returned Item in your Warehouse, Store or Location.

Read more about the Return Management Process

Requested Returns

VIII. Fulfilled By

FBS section

To be able to track, consult and verify your FBS managed inventory, please use the “Fulfilled by Souq” section to help you:

      A. Inventory Management:

  • Edit/Pause/Delete/Reactivate offers
  • Consult Pending quality-check items
  • Deal with Rejections

FBS Inventory Management

  1. Order Management:

View FBS Order Statuses

FBS Order Management

IX. Enable/Disable Notifications:

Sellers can be notified every time they receive a New Order in their Selling Center. Sellers may Activate/Deactivate such Notifications by accessing “Notifications” in Settings, and checking/unchecking the box on the right-hand side of “ New Orders”.

Notification Settings

X. Password Change:

You can Reset your Selling Center Password by following the below steps:

  1. Access your Settings
  2. Enter your Current Password
  3. Enter your New Password
  4. Repeat your New password
  5. Click on “Save

Password Reset

XI. Language Preference:

To change the Display Language on the Sellers App, please access “ Language” in the “Settings” section then select Arabic or English.

Language Preference

XII. Location Display:

The “Location” is the address of the warehouse, store or venue, where your inventory is stored and where the courier company is expected to pick-up your ready-to-ship-orders from.

You can view your Current Location by clicking on “ Settings” and then on ”Location”.


XIII. Enable Confirmation Messages:

Confirmation Messages are enabled by default. You can disable Confirmation Messages by clicking on “Don’t show the message again” in the Confirmation Dialog.

You can re-enable disabled Confirmation Messages by following the steps below:

  1. Access Confirmation Messages in your “Settings
  2. Click on “Reset Inventory Messages” to Enable Confirmation Messages
  3. Click on “Reset Order Messages” to Enable Confirmation Messages

Re-Enable Confirmation Messages

XIV.  Logout:

Click on “Settings” and then on “Logout” to logout from your Sellers App and Selling Center.

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