Discover Selling Center

This video takes you through the various Selling Center sections to help you navigate better and get accustomed to your new seller interface.


You can Login to your Selling Center from the main website by clicking on the Sell With Us button up top or by logging in to

Sell With Us


From the Settings Tab, make sure to fill-in your Account settings. Read How to Register as a Seller on 


Account Settings


Adjust your User-Permissions by creating staff accounts from the Manage Sub Accounts section. Start by providing the name of the sub account user, create a user name and a

Password. You can create as many sub accounts as necessary.

Manage Sub Accounts


Don’t forget to activate your notifications to receive email notifications every time a new action occurs among the list below.

Notification Settings


It is also important to fill-in the Banking Credentials associated to your selling account to transfer your earnings from Account to your registered Bank Account: The information needed are your Account holder name, Account number, Bank name and Branch.

Bank A


You can also edit the Inventory Storage Location you filled-in while subscribing from “Locations” or add it if you had skipped it.



And at last, switch your Selling Center language preference from Arabic to English or vice versa and log off of your Selling Center at any time by clicking the Power Button.


Language and Logoff


On your left-hand side, your Selling Center menu where you can access subsections from each menu Tab.

Selling Center Menu


Consult your Selling Center Dashboard for future actions expected from such as order confirmation or shipment follow-up. You can also check out your Sales, performance and Inventory Status in a quick glance.



From the Inventory Section you can manage your inventory and add product or offers at will.

Inventory Management Section


In your Orders Section, you can consult and confirm newly placed orders and verify where every order is along the order life cycle. You can also Manage Returns and verify your keep track of your canceled orders.

Order Management


Under the Fulfilled by Section, you will find all items and orders managed under the Fulfilled by Service.



Fulfilled by Souq


In the Financials Section you will have a breakdown of your earnings along with the possibility to transfer earnings and verify that they’ve been successfully disbursed in your Bank Account.


Financials Section

Beneath the Performance Section, you will find a detailed summary of your Seller Performance

Ratings. You can also manage your complaints and check out all the feedbacks from your buyers.