What will the commission and payment processing fees be if I am selling an item that is AED 50 or less?

The commission for items at or below AED 50 is a flat 20%, without any minimum charge or payment processing fee.

What is the minimum price of items I can list to sell on Souq.com?

There is no minimum price, but generally, any listing that is AED 50 or less, make you pay less to Souq.com,

as there is NO payment processing fee and NO minimum charge of commission.

Hence you will be able to price your products lower and be competitive against other sellers.

Refer to the following illustration for a better understanding:

Payment Structure

Unit Selling Price AED 10 AED 20 AED 30 AED 40 AED 50 Above AED 50
Applicable Commission Charge 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% As per the product category
Payment Processing Fee 0 0 0 0 0 AED 7.5
Net Payable  2 AED 4 AED 6 AED 8 AED  10 AED Product category commission + AED 7.5

Do customers buy low priced products on Souq.com?

Yes, customers love low priced value products and have sold in high numbers on Souq.com.

Which product category should I start listing at/below AED 50?

We suggest you should list the products where you are confident of the product pricing and stock availability. Product categories like Mobile Accessories, Home & Kitchen, Furnishing, Portable Speaker, Cables, Cutlery, Stationery, Books, Apparel, Sporting Goods sell very well in this price range.

If I sell low value items in bulk, will the commission structure and payment processing remain the same?

Yes, if you get a bulk order the commission (flat 20%) and processing fee (AED0) will remain the same.


If you get an order with 10 units of AED 10 item. The commission will be payable as following:

10 units x 10 AED = AED 100

Commission payable = 100 X 20% = AED 20

Payment Processing Fee = AED 0

Net Charges = AED 20

How will I be charged if an order has multiple items at below AED 50 and above AED 50 as well?

In case the order has a low value item and an expensive item as well, the net payment commission will be calculated as below:

Selling Price of Product A = AED 10

Quantity Sold in order = 10


Selling Price of Product B = AED 2,000

Quantity Sold in order = 1


Total Value of Order = AED 2,100


Commission of Product A (at 20%) = AED 20

Commission of Product B (at 10%) = AED 200


Payment Processing Fee on the order = AED 7.5

(Payment Processing Fee is applicable since the order has items above AED 50)


Net Payable = AED 20 + AED 200 + AED 7.5 = AED 227.5

How will the payment processing fee calculated if the order has 1 item below AED 50 and 1 item above AED50?

In case the order has one item below AED 50 and other above AED 50, the payment processing fee of AED 7.5 will be levied on this order as the order has an item above AED 50.

How many visitors does Souq.com website receive?

Souq.com is visited by millions of customers on a daily basis.

How does selling on Souq.com work?

Selling on Souq.com is very easy and requires no upfront listing fees. You can start with just a few clicks. Just visit Sell on Souq page and start selling.

What countries does Souq.com operate in?

Souq.com is available in UAE, Egypt and KSA.

How much do I need to pay to list my products on Souq.com?

There is NO set up or product listing fee on Souq.com.

How much do I need to pay in commission fees for products sold on Souq.com?

Click Here to visit our page which gives details about the commission structure in full details.

How do I register as a Seller?

Click Here to register as a “Seller” on Souq.com.

What is “Inventory Management”?

The definitive destination of managing all your inventory (existing listings) as a seller on Souq.com.
You can pause, reactivate, delete, change pickup location, quantity, price and everything else about your listings from this section.
You can download your inventory, do bulk changes on them and upload them again.

What is “Item Listing”?

This is where your listing journey starts, in this section you look up the Souq.com catalogue for items you want to sell. In most cases you will find whatever you want to list, but should you not find specific items, you will be free to list them anyway as a new listing.

What is the difference between “Inventory Management” and “Item Listing”?

Inventory Management is where you manage existing inventory, you get to raise/lower prices and quantities, change the state of any listing among many other operations this tool offers you, while Item Listing is where you get to actually list new items you wish to sell, this is where you build your inventory on Souq.com.

What should I do if the shipping courier did not show up to pick-up the order?

Click Here for a comprehensive answer for this question

Is there a way I can change all the prices of my inventory or specific segment of them at once?

Of course, you just have to find your offers  you want to do the changes on (you can do that using the custom filters), export these listings through the export button, do the changes you want and re-import them through the Import Offer Changes in Bulk button.

Sponsored Products FAQs

Why should I use Sponsored Products?
Consider using Sponsored Products for product visibility, new offers, unique selections, offers with low views, clearance items, seasonal promotions.

Where will my ads be displayed?
Your ads may be displayed on Souq.com website (search, category and product detail pages) and on Google search (only for selected packages)

How do I pay for my Sponsored Products?
Once you subscribe and pay upfront for the program using your credit card, your account is credited with subscription amount + bonus credit (if any). We deduct from your ad budget based on clicks that you get. You can recharge your balance by doing top-ups.

What are Google Adwords?
Google Adwords are the sponsored results that you see on top of Google search page, provided the search term matches the keyword that are bid for, and the bid wins.

How do I create ads for my products?
With us, you only need to select your category from your catalog, and we will take care of the rest, i.e. keyword creation and bidding, both on website and on Google Search.

How long does it take for my ads to appear?
It can take 24 hours for your ads to start appearing.

Can I select specific products?
At present, you can only select specific categories from your catalog, and all of your products from those categories get opted to be advertised.

Do I get refunds?
There are no refunds. However, your balance stays intact, that you can use for future ad spends.

Where can I see the performance of my ads?
You can see the performance under ‘Sponsored Products’ section of your dashboard in the selling center.

Is the 300 AED bonus available again on topping up or upgrading to other packages?
No, the 300 AED bonus is available only 1 time at seller level.

Is there wallet integration with Sponsored Product fund?
Currently there is no wallet integration. However, it may come up in future releases.

Can I do EAN level promotions?
At present you can only do category level promotions. As in, you select a category and all your products from within the category gets available for promotion. However, EAN level promotions may come up in future releases.

Why should I invest if my prices are not competitive or I don’t have good SPP ranking?
Promotion system is independent of pre existing ratings or prices. System will learn independently by performing A/B testing and machine learning, and over time if your offers perform better in generating visits, you will get preference in displaying ads. In the beginning system will randomly allot promotions and you’ll have equal chance of getting promoted as other sellers.

Can I pause my campaigns?
Currently this feature is not available. However, if you pause your listings, they become unavailable for promotions and your campaigns for these offers are automatically paused.

Can I move funds from my budget for one category to the other?
Yes, you can change your category mid-way promotion and your funds get reallocated to new categories.

Do I need to do google bidding for off-site promotion?
System will do google bidding automatically, seller won’t be involved.

Is there a reference article for definition of metrics in Sponsored Products dashboard?
Read more about Sponsored Products.

Can I get an order level report for their promotions?
Order level report not available in this release, may come up in following releases

How will I be informed about their budget getting exhausted?
The process to update sellers is work in progress. For now, please check your selling center to know the budget status.

Will ads be displayed on both EN/AR websites and App?
Ads will currently appear on EN website. AR website and Apps will be covered in future releases

Will promotion on site ensure winning buy button?
Promotion will only contain link to your offer page. There is no concept of buy button in Sponsored Products.

Can I Create a Sub Account With Restricted Access / View?

Yes you can create multiple sub accounts, please visit this link for more details on how to do it.

How to list item variations in Single Mode

You may use Product Specifications to add different item variations such as color and size.  When creating your New Item in Single mode (One by One), list the available colors that you have in the Color Field, as well as the available sizes in the Size Field.

Fill Your Available Sizes and Colors

Upload Your Product Images

Then, you should be able to add the respective images to each of the Colors and Sizes Variations if your products are subject to Color-Size Variations. First select the Main Image, then select the available complementary images for each of your items.

Click on the + Browse Button to search for your product imagery on your computer and click on Apply to All (color) to avoid doing the same for each of the sizes that hold the same color variation.

Once you are done filling in your Product Information, you can click on “Next” to start filling in your Offer Details.

In step 3 of the listing process, you may use the Variances section to add the quantity, price, SKU and Offer Note which are unique to each item variation.

Variances Section in Step 3

Note: Keep in mind that all the item variations will appear as separate offers on your selling center whereas they will appear as one offer with different sizes/ colors on souq.com.

Item variations as it appears for customers

Can I change all the prices (or quantities) of my inventory or specific segment of them at once?

Of course, you just have to find your offers you want to do the changes on (you can do that using the custom filters), export these listings through the export button, do the changes you want and re-import them through the Import Offer Changes in Bulk button.

Click here to know more about bulk inventory management

What items can I sell on Souq.com?

Click Here for a comprehensive answer for this question

What is Souq.com?

Established in 2005, Souq.com is the leading e-commerce destination in the in the Middle East & North Africa region. Souq.com offers more than 400,000 products across multiple categories including consumer electronics, fashion, health & beauty, household goods, books and much more. New categories are constantly evaluated and launched all the time.

What is the difference between “Inventory Management” and “Item Listing”?

Click Here for a comprehensive answer for this question

For how long do my listings remain in the "Pending" state?


How can I download my entire inventory?

Click Here for a comprehensive answer for this question

Is there a way I can change all the prices (or quantities) of my inventory or specific segment of them at once?

Of course, you just have to find your offers  you want to do the changes on (you can do that using the custom filters), export these listings through the export button, do the changes you want and re-import them through the Import Offer Changes in Bulk button.